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Music, musicians and artists have historically played a vital role in the culture of the Badakhshan, Tajikistan and the Central Asian region and had served as a way to reinforce social, moral and cultural values. By celebrating the festival, we have created new opportunity for community young musicians (boys and girls) and for older generation of master musicians and international artists to share their music skills and knowledge with the audience and to learn from each other. The festival music program is a performing space for cultural exchange and free expression of various music and dance forms, it enhances and promotes diversity and similarities in the musical practices of the Pamiri community, of the region, and the world in overall.

More than 130 local and international artists (musicians, singers and dancers) from Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, USA, France, Uzbekistan, Austria, China, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries of the world attend and perform annually at the festival.