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Visas & Embassies
Any person traveling to Tajikistan is required to possess a valid entrance visa (except for the citizen of some former soviet countries). The visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its offices abroad or you can apply for online visa at: https://www.ivisa.com/tajikistan-visa. Tajikistan issues visas upon arrival at Dushanbe airport too, or another option for obtaining or extanding your visa is a Tajik Embassy (Consulate). For more information contact:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Rudaki Str 42, 734051 Dushanbe
Consular Department
Tel: +992 (372) 2 214377; 2 211560; 2 212560;
Fax: +992 (372) 2 232964;
Email: mfart@tajik.net
Internet: www.mid.tj

Travelers may apply for visas at Tajik embassies in:
United Nation

Special permission (in addition to your visa)
Is required to travel to some parts of Tajikistan including Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (Pamir) you should mention this when applying for visa support. It is possible to obtain it after arrival in Tajikistan but it is best to apply two weeks in advance.

How to get to Tajikistan
By air
The national carriers are Somon air and Tajikair. International Dushanbe Airport cord ‘DYU’.

Tajikistan Airlines contacts:
Moscow (Russia)
Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
Delhi (India)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Munich (Germany)
Tehran (Iran)
Urumchi (China)
Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Additional possibilities:
Frankfurt, Germany (Lufthansa), Amsterdam, Netherlands (KLM), London, Great Britain (British Airways), Vienna, Austria (Austrian Airlines), Istanbul, Turkey (Turkish Airlines), China (ITEK Air)

How to get to Pamir
By air
Tajikistan Airlines has an extensive network of air service in the interior of Tajikistan. That includes also Khorog administrative center and Vang district center of GBAO.
You should acquire your tickets for the flight to Khorog at the airport early morning at the day before the flight though, be aware that the flight may get stuck at the first sign of bad weather.
Charter flights by plane and helicopter are possible, but only fly on weeks where there are sufficient passengers.

By roads
The Karategin-Pamir branch is the closest, but irregular highway to Pamir and the second option is Kulyab-Zighar-Pamir branch will allow all-year-round to carry out the direct automobile communication between capital and the Pamirs. The third branch through Kyrgyzstan-Murgab-Khorogh. The road networks are small and most are ineffectively surfaced with asphalt and some parts are not surfaced at all.On each trip you will find:
All of our guides are local people who have broad knowledge and experience of trekking, hiking and professional drivers for jeep safari in the Pamir Mountains as well.
Excellent English-Language interpretation, allowing you to communicate with musicians, dancers and other leaders from communities